Is it Worth Starting a Business with a Loan?

Is it Worth Starting a Business with a Loan?

If you are thinking of starting a new business, then it is likely that you will need some start-up capital. Some people raise this by lending their own money to the business, saving up money and donating it to the business or doing a Crowdfunder. However, there are others that will start a business by borrowing some money. There are advantages to doing this buy it may not always be a good idea. It is worth giving it some serious thought.

Advantages of a loan

Often a business will need a lot of money to get started and without a loan it may not otherwise be possible. If you do not have money and feel that the amounts to high to raise with a Crowdfunder then a loan might be your only option. You might eb really keen to run the business and not able to take the time to save up what is needed or you just may not have the opportunity to earn enough money that you will allow you to save that amount. Sometimes waiting and saving up could be an option but it all depends on exactly how much money you need.

It might be possible to start in a smaller capacity with less money but this may mean that it will take too long for your business to grow.  You might be able to start out with more stock, better advertising, more staff, bigger premises or whatever, if you do take out a loan from a payday lender with no credit check and that could make a big difference to your revenue and without it you may not even be able to continue with the business for long. For some businesses there may just be no way you can even start without borrowing some money. This will depend on the type of business that you decide to start but even if you just need stock, then you might need help to fund it. Therefore, a loan could be a really useful thing to get.

Disadvantages of a loan

The problem with a loan is that you will need to repay it. This sounds obvious but it is something which could lead to problems. Hopefully, you will have completed a business plan and you will be confident that you will be able to repay the loan. Sadly though, many new businesses do not succeed and this can be for all sorts of reasons. Borrowing money, can be one of the possible problems because you have to come up with the regular repayments. If the business starts slowly and isn’t making much, has seasonal variations or you suddenly encounter some expensive problems then you might find it hard to make the loan repayment. This could lead to problems and eventually the lender might repossess everything the business has leading it to become bankrupt. The pressure of loan repayments could possibly mean that you will not be able to afford other costs which could cause problems too especially if you miss out paying rent, insurance or wages. If you have another source of income, then you might be able to get around this by using that to cover the loan repayment, but it is unusual for a business owner to be able to do this.

It can be quite a difficult decision as it is hard to predict how well the business might do. However, much paperwork you do, predicted sales and costs and things like that, you need to really get started before you know whether it will work and you may not be able to get started without the loan. It will be something that only you will be able to really decide on. You will have to weigh up the pros and cons and think about how confident you feel you will be about whether you can make those repayments. It can be worth trying to make sure that you are confident that you will be able to make all the payments that are needed and have extra money just in case. Just covering your costs is not ideal as there are often extra things that crop up. However, if you can be sure you will be able to cover them and have extra money for other things, that will make a big difference.

So, whether you take a loan out or not could determine whether you are even able to start your business. You might decide that if the loan is the only way you can start up, you will take it out anyway. However, you should make sure that you are sure that you will be able to repay the loan and cover your other expenses while you run the business. This will take a certain amount of guesswork, but hopefully you will be able to do some calculations that will allow you to decide whether it will be worth the risk or not.

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What Sort of Loan Should I use to buy a Car?

What Sort of Loan Should I use to buy a Car?

There are many different loans available and it can be confusing at times knowing which might be the best to use for certain purchases. You might wonder whether a car loan will be the best choice or whether other options are worth considering.

How to compare

You may just think that the best way to compare loans is to use a comparison website. Although this will compare the interest rates, it may not be the most useful way to compare loans. It is worth considering that there are other things to compare as well as interest. For example, it might be that you need low monthly repayments, that you want a well-known lender or things like that. You need to think about what is important to you with regards to a loan and therefore what you need to look out for. Then you can look at each in more details and make sure that you are getting exactly what you need. You may think that just a car loan is worth looking at when buying a car but there may be other suitable alternatives as well.

Pros and cons of car loans

A car loan is set up specifically to buy a car with. This means that it is easy to think that it will be the best thing to use. This may or may not be the case though, depending on what you are looking for in a loan.

A car loan may use the car as collateral. Although this is likely to keep the cost of the loan lower, compared with a loan that does not need collateral it might also mean that it is risky. If you are unable to make the repayments, then the car could be repossessed by the lender and sold to repay the remaining loan. If you are without a car, it could mean that you will lose your job or at least be less mobile which could be a huge problem for you.

If a car loan is offered by a dealer, then it could allow you to buy the car for less. Sometimes they will allow you to get a discounted price on a vehicle if you use their car loan. This might seem good, but it may mean that their prices are inflated and you could find an equivalent car cheaper elsewhere. You may also find that considering how much the loan costs in total, the amount that they reduce the car cost by is very little as a percentage of what they are making from the loan.

It is important to make sure when you take out a loan that you can cover the repayments and that you are happy about the terms. If you take a car loan through the dealer, there is not often much time to think about what you are signing up for and therefore you could make a quick decision without properly thinking about it. We can get carried away with thinking about the new car and how much fun it will be and not concentrate on making sure that the loan terms are acceptable.


It is worth considering what other option you might have. The cheapest option is to use your savings or to save up for the car. Then there will be no loan costs. This is not an option for everyone though as if you need the car urgently and have no savings or feel you will not have the self-discipline to save then you will have no option but to borrow the money.

You might want to consider whether a personal loan might be better. It is good to compare the rates of these and decide whether you think that they might offer better value for money. It is a good idea to calculate the specific cost and compare it to the cost of a car loan to see what you think. You will be unlikely to need the car as collateral so that might be worth paying a bit extra for.

If you have a mortgage you may be tempted to add the costs on to that. As the mortgage interest rate is often lower than that of a car loan, then you may assume that it will be cheaper. However, mortgages are repaid over a long period of time and if you have not had the mortgage for long, then you could be paying interest on that extra money you borrowed for decades. Therefore, make sure that you carefully calculate how much each of the options will cost you so that you are sure that you are paying a fair amount. You may find an alternative id dearer, but you may still like the idea as you may be happy to pay more if it means that the terms suit you really well.

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